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2011: A big year for disability reform - Ramp Up - 11 January 2011

Article published in Ramp Up regarding disability care and support reform.

We're the Opposition - it's not our job to just roll over - The Punch - 16 December 2010

Article published in The Punch regarding the role of the Opposition.

More evidence of Government’s profligacy and incompetence - Goldstein News - November-December 2010

Article published in the Goldstein News regarding Government profligacy and incompetence.

The Labor/Greens Alliance: An incompetent, unstable government - Goldstein News - September-October 2010

Article published in Goldstein News regarding the Labor/Greens governing alliance.

Labor's Budget doesn't add up - Goldstein News - June 2010

Article published in Goldstein News regarding Labor's Budget.

The Rudd Government is all spin and broken promises - Goldstein News - March 2010

Article published in Goldstein News regarding Labor's spin machine.

A truly blessed government

Goldstein News - 1 December 2009 THE Rudd Government is truly blessed because nothing is ever its fault. More people‐smuggler boats arriving on Australia’s shores? According to the Rudd Government, this is not caused by them softening our formerly tough border protection regime, but due to push f...

Spare me the artists’ pain, change book import laws

The Punch - - September 2009 Australia’s creative industry has again shown its canny ability to frame a debate. The recent dispute over lifting restrictions on parallel book importation has been cast as a classic good versus evil battle. On the one side, we apparently have the ...

As tempting as it is, we should never scrap the states

The Punch - - September 2009 Standing up for Federalism in the Federal Parliament has never been a particularly popular activity. It was even less popular in recent years in the Parliamentary Liberal Party when Liberals controlled the Federal Government and every state and terri...


Goldstein News - September 2009 Al-Manar As someone who is a passionate supporter of free speech, I am extremely uncomfortable with the idea of government censorship. In a free and pluralistic society like Australia, divergent views and beliefs should be tolerated and not impeded by the power of t...

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