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Terror Is No Joke

Herald Sun - 25 September 2008 It is easy to become complacent about the threats of Islamic terrorists and their sponsor states. The terrorists and their threats can seem remote and unreal. Take the letter from Iran's embassy in Canberra to MPs and Senators to keep them informed on the situation i...

Costello can become a PM to treasure

Australian Financial Review - 12 July 2006 Above on this page are the usual rantings of John Stone, a failed National Party senator who opposed the floating of the dollar and helped break up the coalition as part of the bizarre Joh for PM push. As a betrayer of the Liberal Party he is in no posi...

Rein in the visible hand

The Australian - 27 January 2005 Canberra should cut tax rates and thresholds to allow taxpayers to keep more of their money, urges Mitch Fifield. Oh no, not again. A debate about tax and welfare reform. The eyes of tax policy junkies light up, others gaze at the ceiling. Everyone wants to cut t...

Hey, we’re down here, Mr Latham

Herald Sun - 11 February 2004 What is it about recent Labor leaders and Melbourne? Paul Keating is reported to have once remarked on a flight on approach to Melbourne, “Better pop the bland pill.” The rest of Australia fared little better in the Keating view when he commented, “If you’re not in...

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