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Media Releases


with Barrie Cassidy 6 March 2016 9.20am E & OE Subjects: Party Room, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, media reform, ABC, ABCC CASSIDY: Mitch Fifield, good morning, welcome. FIFIELD: Good to be with you, Barrie. CASSIDY: You wouldn’t want too many more weeks ...


The Latest with Laura Jayes 2 March 2016 7.35pm E & OE Subjects: National security, media reform, nbn JAYES: Joining me now is Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, also Cabinet Minister. Mitch Fifield, how serious is this leak in your eyes? FIFIELD: The leaki...

MEDIA RELEASE - Statement regarding Labor’s nbn claims

3 March 2016 Labor’s nbn claims are becoming more desperate by the day as the roll out gathers pace and as Labor attempts to divert attention from having no nbn policy.   Labor’s latest claim, that the nbn has been misrepresenting the cost of fibre to the premises, is simply outrageous.  ...

MEDIA RELEASE - Appointment to the Australia Council Board

2 March 2016   The Australian Government has appointed Christine Simpson Stokes to the Board of the Australia Council for a period of three years.   Mrs Simpson Stokes’ broad experience in business management and media, and her considerable expertise in philanthropy and ...

TRANSCRIPT - ABC Radio National

Breakfast with Fran Kelly 2 March 2016 7.35am E & OE Subjects: media reform, Party Room, Senate voting reform KELLY: The biggest changes in a generation to media ownership laws will be introduced to the Federal Parliament today. This legislation could unleash a raft o...

TRANSCRIPT - 774 Melbourne

Drive with Rafael Epstein 1 March 2016 5.35pm E & OE Subjects: media reform, nbn, Party Room EPSTEIN: The Turnbull Government call these the most significant media reforms in Australia in a generation. Scrapping the Paul Keating era media ownership laws. Carrying all ...

TRANSCRIPT - 2GB with Ross Greenwood

1 March 2016 7:05pm     E & OE JOURNALIST: The Communications Minister Mitch Fifield has just stepped out of the Senate chamber to have a chat to us about the change in the media ownership laws that have been put in place today. They’re going to enter the Parli...

TRANSCRIPT - Sky News PM Agenda

with David Speers 1 March 2016 4.30pm     E & OE JOURNALIST: As we’ve been discussing, the government today unveiled its long awaited media reforms. These have the potential to reshape the industry’s landscape. The Government’s moved on two fronts, the so-...

TRANSCRIPT - Press Conference

Parliament House, Canberra 1 March 2016 12.45pm E & OE Subjects: media reform FIFIELD: This morning the Coalition Joint Party Room agreed with the Cabinet recommendation that legislation for media reform be introduced into the Parliament. This package will represent th...

MEDIA RELEASE - Modernising Australian media laws

1 March 2016   The Turnbull Government has today announced the most significant reforms to our media laws in a generation, supporting the viability of our local organisations as they face increasing competition in a rapidly changing digital landscape.   This week, the Gover...

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