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Media Releases

Entries for September 2015

TRANSCRIPT - Sky News Viewpoint

Sky News Viewpoint with Chris Kenny 27 September 2015 8:30pm E & OE Subjects: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Media laws, ABC KENNY:   Joining me live from Melbourne is the new Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield. Thanks for joining us Mitch. FIFIELD:   Good to be with ...

MEDIA RELEASE - National Opera Review discussion paper released for comment

Friday 25 September 2015 In a major review of Australian opera, a panel chaired by Dr Helen Nugent AO has delivered an extensive analysis of the four major opera companies funded by the Australian Government. The National Opera Review was commissioned by the Government to consider the financial vi...

TRANSCRIPT - RN Drive interview

with Patricia Karvelas 22 September 2015 6:05 pm Subjects: Communications and the Arts KARVELAS: It’s six past six on RN. First, an exclusive interview with one of the new look Government’s most important figures. Victorian Senator Mitch Fifield walked into last Monday’s ballot right beside ...