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Senator The Hon Mitch Fifield

TRANSCRIPT - Doorstop interview

Parliament House, Canberra.
19 April 2016


E & OE


Subjects: Election, double dissolution, budget



What do you think your chances are of winning an election?


Every Australian election is always very intensely fought and they’re always very close. It’s up to the Government to continue to seek to earn the trust of the Australian people and that’s what we’ll set about to doing.


Is it wise to go to the polls early considering the Government’s position in the opinion polls?


Our objective in a double dissolution election is to resolve a deadlock between the House and the Senate over the Australian Building and Construction Commission legislation and also the Registered Organisations bill. That’s the purpose of the double dissolution election. If you win the election, it enables you to have a joint sitting of both Houses of Parliament so that the Government’s numbers in both chambers can combine to secure the passage of the legislation that was the trigger for the election.


Do you think the legislation will be central to the campaign?


We will be talking about the importance of making sure that there is a cop on the beat on Australia’s building and construction sites. To make sure that people in those industries can go about their business, as they have a right to do. To make sure that businesses themselves can be profitable. That they’re not subject to unreasonable demands. And we will be certainly talking about the need for a Registered Organisations Commission that can ensure trade union officials are subject to the same requirements and standards as company directors.


Who do you think is behind this latest budget leak, this proposed ad campaign to be released?


We never comment on budget speculation and I can’t vouch for the veracity or other wise of what’s been reported. But we are focused on delivering a budget that underpins our agenda for jobs and growth. That underpins what we’ve already announced in terms of our innovation and science agenda, our plan for Australia’s defence industry. These are important things.


Is it disappointing though that one of your colleagues may be leaking details of the budget to the media?


As I say, I can’t vouch for the veracity or other wise of those reports. Thanks very much.






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