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Archives - past Media Releases

Media Release - Estimates: Senate Clerk Exposes Labor's out of order house - 18 February 2008

SENATE CLERK EXPOSES LABOR'S OUT OF ORDER HOUSEClerk of the Senate, Harry Evans, has confirmed the Coalition's fears that Labor's changes to House of Representatives standing orders are shrouded in doubt.During Additional Estimates hearings yesterday and under questioning from Senator Mitch Fifield,...

Media Release - Estimates: Pensioners and Families facing the Labor axe - 18 February 2011

PENSIONERS AND FAMILIES FACING THE LABOR AXEThe Rudd Government is refusing to rule out slashing the entitlements of older Australians and families.Under questioning in Senate Estimates today Senator Nick Sherry, representing the Minister for Finance & Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner, repeatedly re...

Media Release - Rudd must change summit dates - 3 February 2008

RUDD MUST CHANGE SUMMIT DATESKevin Rudd’s decision to hold his Australia 2020 summit during Passover is insensitive and discriminates against Australia’s Jewish community.Mr Rudd says he wants to “bring into the tent those who have got ideas to contribute to these long-term challenges,” yet he has c...

Media Release - Rudd & Faulkner fail Ministerial standards - 2 December 2007

RUDD & FAULKNER FAIL MINISTERIAL STANDARDSOn the first day of the new Labor Ministry, Kevin Rudd has already failed his own standards of integrity and accountability.Senator John Faulkner was today appointed as Special Minister of State, but according to ALP records continues to serve as ALP Nat...


PM - Monday, 5 December , 2005 18:22:00 Reporter: Peta Donald MARK COLVIN: Several major pieces of legislation, from the Federal Government's anti-terror laws, to its welfare to work package, are on track to sail through the Senate by the end of this week. But it's not looking so easy for legisl...

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