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NBN Fixed Wireless Pricing

NBN Fixed Wireless Pricing   16 August 2018   Labor have claimed that NBN intends to charge more for fixed wireless services compared to fixed line services. This is not the case. This will not occur.   NBN engages in ongoing consultation with retailers about pr...

Sky News Live with Laura Jayes

Sky News Live with Laura Jayes Sky News 15 August 2018 12.08 pm E & OE JAYES: Let’s go live to Canberra now. Joining me now is the Communications Minister Mitch Fifield. Senator, thanks so much for your time. Fraser Anning was elected on 19 votes. How does he represent...

Radio National with Fran Kelly

Radio National with Fran Kelly ABC Radio 15 August 2018 8.05 am E & OE   KELLY: Well, the Federal Government will introduce new amendments today to toughen up a bill tackling so-called revenge porn; in response to what many say is a growing problem. Research has ...

Sydney Live with Ben Fordham

Sydney Live with Ben Fordham 2GB 15 August 2018 5.10 pm E & OE     FORDHAM: Now, any Australian who shares intimate images of other people without their permission could soon face years behind bars. There’s a plan to make it a Federal criminal office; strea...

Today Show with Karl Stefanovic

Today Show with Karl Stefanovic Nine Network 15 August 2018 6.14 am E & OE     STEFANOVIC: People who share intimate or explicit images of their former partners could end up behind bars and hit with massive fines under news laws set to be introduced into P...

Doorstop - Member for Lindsay

Doorstop Parliament House, Canberra4.30pm7 August 2018 E & OE FIFIELD: The news that Emma Husar will resign at the next election leaves a string of questions that Bill Shorten must answer. Bill Shorten needs to front up and tell the truth about what he knew, when he knew it and what act...

Sky Newsday with Laura Jayes

InterviewSky News Live, Newsday26 July 2018 E & OEJAYES: Now let’s get back to our top story. Huge news in the media landscape today, that massive merger between Fairfax and Nine. The Communications Minister Mitch Fifield joins me now live from Melbourne. Looking at this deal today, you say that...

Doorstop - Nine Entertainment Co. & Fairfax Media

Doorstop Treasury Place, East Melbourne 26 July 2018, 11.30am E & OE FIFIELD:        Well thanks for coming. Last year, the Government secured passage through the Parliament of historic media reform legislation with the intention of unshackling Australian media organisat...

CommsDay Unwired Revolution 2018

CommsDay Unwired Revolution 2018Kirribilli Club, Milsons Point, NSW25 July 2018, 9amE & OEFIFIELD:There’s been a lot of hype about 5G. And with good reason.So with that in mind, today I’d like to cover three areas.First, I’ll talk about the Government’s role in 5G. I covered this topic in my spe...

ABC Sunshine Coast with Annie Gaffney

Interview with Annie GaffneyABC Sunshine Coast18 July 2018 E & OE GAFFNEY: How’s the mobile coverage where you live? There’s still plenty of spots where it’s rubbish on the Coast. And you don’t have to step too far out from the urban areas of the Coast to lose your connectivity, either. The C...

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