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PVO Newsday - Sky News

E & OE PVO In terms of the media sector, some key changes in the reform package that have been put up around anti-siphoning, around the two out of three rule, and around the reach rule. And of course, the removal of some of those licencing fees for broadcasters was welcome new...


2GB MONEY NEWS 6.35PM AEDT 11 May 2017   E & OE   GREENWOOD: As we told you earlier this week, was a significant reform to media laws in Australia. Now this is something of an accomplishment that should not be underestimated. Because it would be r...

Drive with Raf Epstein

Drive with Raf Epstein 774ABC Melbourne 4pm AEST 11 May 2017 E & OE   EPSTEIN: Before we get to that, what's going to happen to the media here in Australia. The Government wants to scrap the two out of three rule. That stops any one owner having a TV station, a radio stat...

Announcement of Media Reform Package

Media Room Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Melbourne 6 May 2017 10am   E & OE FIFIELD: Good morning and thank you for coming. Today we are announcing a comprehensive and holistic package of media reforms to support the viability and longevity of the Austral...

Sky News Live with Patricia Karvelas

Interview 7pm 30 April 2017   E & OE PATRICIA KARVELAS: Mitch Fifield, welcome to the studio.  MITCH FIFIELD: Good to be with you, Patricia.  KARVELAS: On the metadata breach, that was revealed by the AFP on Friday.  What are you...

CommsDay Summit

Good morning everybody and thank you to CommsDay founder Grahame Lynch and Editor Petroc Wilton for inviting me to speak today. This CommsDay Summit marks something of an anniversary in Australia’s telecommunications industry history. It is just over ten years to the day[1] since March 2...

3AW Neil Mitchell - NBN

  INTERVIEW WITH NEIL MITCHELL 3AW 9:05am 07 March 2017 E & OE MITCHELL: The NBN. We’ve heard from you, from the customers, tearing your hair out.  We heard from an NBN spokesman. Then there was the telecommunications industry spokesman. Then was the Chief Executiv...

ABC Radio 774 Melbourne Rafael Epstein

4:45pm 23 February 2017E & OERAF EPSTEIN:Mitch Fifield is the Minister for Communications, good afternoon.FIFIELD:Raf good to be with you.RAF EPSTEIN:Are you sad to see Ahmed Fahour go?FIFIELD:Look I think he has done a good job as the Managing Director of Australia Post in an environment where ...


FROM SENATOR JAMES PATERSON 2:11pm AEDT 9 February 2017 E & OE   PATERSON: My question is for the Minister for Communications, Minister Fifield. Can the Minister update the Senate on the issue of executive remuneration at Australia Post? FIFIELD: I thank the Sena...


  DRIVE WITH RAF EPSTEIN 774 ABC MELBOURNE 4:10PM AEDT 6 February 2017 E & OE   EPSTEIN: The man who will need to negotiate with someone who was once a colleague and now be on the crossbench. He’s the Liberal Senator for Victoria, he’s the Manager of Government Bus...

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