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ABC 774 Drive with Raf Epstein

  ABC 774 Drive with Raf Epstein 5.05 pm 5 September 2016 E & OE   EPSTEIN: Somebody who spent some time in the chamber with Senator Dastyari, who is not doing interviews of course, is the Victorian Liberal Senator, Mitch Fifield. He is of course Minister for Commu...


  ABC LATELINE PARLIAMENT HOUSE 9:30pm 1 September 2016 E & OE   MATT WORDSWORTH: Mitch Fifield is Communications Minister and Manager of Government Business in the Senate. He joins us now live from Canberra; Senator Mitch Fifield welcome to Lateline.  MITC...

RN Drive with Patricia Karvelas

RN Drive with Patricia Karvelas 6.06 pm 1 September 2016E & OE KARVELAS:There’s growing pressure on the Federal Government to ban foreign donations to all political parties after it emerged that the head of ASIO had warned Liberal, Labor and National Party officials of the national secu...

2GB with Ross Greenwood

TRANSCRIPT 2GB with Ross Greenwood 6.22 pm 29 August 2016   E & OE GREENWOOD: First up, let’s start with Mitch Fifield, the Minister for Communications. It’s only going back to March this year when he held a press conference and announced a massive shake up of Australia’s ...

nbn 2017 Corporate Plan Launch

nbn 2017 Corporate Plan Launch Radisson Blu Hotel, Sydney 26 August 2016, 9.45 amE & OEFIFIELD:Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning. I think you will all recall that about this time last year, Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Morrow stood before you with an ambitious plan, which was to see three-qu...

Press Gallery doorstop Parliament House, Canberra

TRANSCRIPT   Press Gallery doorstop Parliament House, Canberra 8.25 am 24 August 2016  Subjects: AFP, NBN. E & OE MITCH FIFIELD: To hear Stephen Conroy, every word coming out of his mouth was wrong. Stephen Conroy has alleged that the NBN is behi...

ABC AM with Michael Brissenden

TRANSCRIPT   ABC AM with Michael Brissenden Canberra Studio 8:14 am 24 August 2016 Subjects: AFP, NBN  E & OE   BRISSENDEN: Returning now to our earlier story about raids on the emails of Labor staffers. The Minister for Communications, Mitc...

SKY NEWS With Kieran Gilbert

TRANSCRIPT Sky News with Kieran Gilbert 9.10 am 24 August 2016 Subject: AFP, nbn E & OE KIERAN GILBERT: Stephen Conroy, the former Shadow Minister for Communications and former Minister for Communications in the then Labor Government has said it’s an extraordinary attack on th...

ABC AM with Michael Brissenden

  ABC AM with Michael Brissenden 7.10 am 22 August 2016 E & OE   BRISSENDEN: Senator Fifield, good morning. FIFIELD: Good morning Michael. BRISSENDEN: So the CFA legislation is likely to be among the first of the bills put to the new Senate, it will b...

ABC News 24 with Greg Jennett

  Interview with Greg Jennett ABC News 24 2:30pm 16 August 2016 E & OE JENNETT: What we have now is the release of nbn’s year results for the last financial year. An important milestone that allows us to do a full stocktake on the progress of this massive engineering proje...

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