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Adjournment - Iraq

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (7.02 p.m.)—Every day we are reminded of the enormous challenges facing the people of Iraq as sectarian militias and al-Qaeda terrorists continue to wage acts of senseless violence against the Iraqi people. Our television screens are inundated with coverage of events in Ba...

Take Note of Answers - Mersey Hospital

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.09 p.m.)—If you hang around politics long enough you really do see everything—the great centralising party of Gough Whitlam has become federalist. The Australian Labor Party has become the great champion of states’ rights. Labor is now arguing that the Commonwealth is t...

State Zionist Council Solidarity Rally

SPEECH TO “STATE ZIONIST COUNCIL SOLIDARITY RALLY” 1.00PM MONDAY, 25 JUNE 2007 MELBOURNE GPO Almost a year ago, I was honoured to stand here with you in support of Israel. At that time, Israel was under sustained and unprovoked attack by terrorists from Gaza and Lebanon. At that time, the heroic...

Take Note of Answers - Liberal Party

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.20 p.m.)—On Monday I commended Senator Faulkner on the quality and consistency of his confected outrage, but I think Senator Wong has now just eclipsed Senator Faulkner. In the absence of confected outrage, what are the facts here? The facts are, yes, there was a functi...

2nd Reading - Schools Assistance (Learning Together—Achievement Through Choice and Opportunity) Bill

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (11.27 a.m.)—I also rise to speak on the Schools Assistance (Learning Together—Achievement Through Choice and Opportunity) Amendment (2007 Budget Measures) Bill 2007. This bill delivers on the promises made in the May 2007 federal budget and continues the government’s very...

Adjournment - Australian Labor Party

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (10.41 p.m.)—In February this year I rose in the adjournment debate to lament the political demise of the member for Isaacs, Ms Ann Corcoran. Ms Corcoran, as senators will be very well aware, is a diligent and hardworking local member who is well regarded on both sides of ...

Take Note of Answers - Government Advertising

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.21 p.m.)—We have just seen an example of Senator Faulkner’s confected outrage. It is a skill that he has honed to a fine art in the Senate estimates committees and here in the chamber. We have seen this particular act many times before. I would like to start with the i...

Take Note of Answers - Budget 2007/08

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.06 p.m.)—I thought the performance of the member for Lilley last night on the 7.30 Report was dismal. But I have seen a performance which even outdoes the member for Lilley. The Leader of the Opposition in the Senate said that this budget does not fix the problems but h...

Matters of Urgency - Housing Affordability

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.57 p.m.)—I agree with Senator Marshall that this debate should look at how to improve housing affordability, but I also think it is possible to make this issue more complex than it need be. What this debate requires is a look at the factors that influence a person’s abi...

Matters of Public Importance - Workplace Relations

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.35 p.m.)—Today’s matter of public importance is nothing if not predictable. A year ago the Labor tactics committee put in their parliamentary diary to up the rhetoric to mark the first anniversary of Work Choices. Labor knew it would be difficult to sustain their campai...

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