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Matters of Urgency - Asylum Seekers

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.45 p.m.)—You would not know it from the contributions from those opposite, but Australia actually has a very proud reputation for and a proud history of accepting refugees from around the world. We are among the most generous and compassionate nations on earth. In 2005-...

Adjournment - Australian Labor Party

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (7.08 pm)— Australians can be fairly indifferent to politics at times. Indeed, we have a fairly healthy culture of scepticism about authority and our political leaders. But Australians certainly do appreciate having good local members to represent them—someone who is one o...

Matters of Public Interest - Water

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (12.45 p.m.)—Many of us in this chamber have developed a relatively new policy focus and interest of late. I speak of water resource policy. I say ‘a relatively new interest’ not as a criticism of anyone on either side of the chamber but for the simple reason that water ha...

2nd Reading - Medibank Private Sale Bill 2006

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (1.03 p.m.)—I rise to contribute to the debate on the Medibank Private Sale Bill 2006. This bill will implement the government’s policy in relation to the sale of Medibank Private. It will establish a framework to give the government the flexibility it needs to sell Mediba...

Adjournment - Australia Post

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (10.00 p.m.)—There are a number of elements that underpin the integrity of the electoral system in Australia: the independence and incorruptibility of the Australian Electoral Commission and the electoral offices of the state and territory jurisdictions; the electoral laws...

Matters of Public Importance - Economy

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.45 p.m.)—Labor have been hoping for this day. You can imagine how excited they were flying to Canberra on Sunday night thinking to themselves, ‘Only two more sleeps to the RBA board meeting.’ You can imagine how excited they were when they woke up this morning: ‘Only a ...

Take Note of Answers - Inflation & Interest Rates

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.19 p.m.)—I really enjoy this sort of contribution from the Australian Labor Party. It is an interesting part of Labor’s efforts to convince the voting public that they have now joined the economic mainstream. Labor are desperately hoping that after 10 years of oppositio...

2nd Reading - Prohibition Of Human Cloning Bill 2006

SPEECH ON THE SECOND READING DEBATE: PROHIBITION OF HUMAN CLONING FOR REPRODUCTION AND THE REGULATION OF HUMAN EMBRYO RESEARCH AMENDMENT BILL 2006 I rise to contribute to the Second Reading debate on the Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction and the Regulation of Human Embryo Research Amend...

The Australian Council of State School Organisations 2006 Conference

Speech to The Australian Council of State School Organisations 2006 Conference Rydges Hotel Carlton Thursday 26 October 2006 10.00am I’d like to acknowledge Jenny Branch, ACSSO President and Terry Aulich, former senator and ACSSO Director. Also Victorian Education Minister, Lynne Kosky, with wh...

Matters of Public Interest - Poverty

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.51 p.m.)—The authorship of this motion is worth noting. It is interesting that it is a collaborative effort of Labor, the Democrats and the Greens. This is interesting at a time when the ALP is endeavouring to convince the community that they have joined the economic ma...

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