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Doorstop with Dr John McVeigh MP

  Doorstop with Dr John McVeigh MP Toowoomba 12 July 2017   E & OE JOURNALIST: So tell us, today the NBN's reached pretty much the half way mark, Toowoomba’s a great success story in terms of businesses being able to connect. What’re some of the issues for y...

Mornings with Steve Austin

  Mornings with Steve Austin 612 ABC Brisbane 11 November 2017 8:30AM   E & OE   AUSTIN: The National Broadband is rolling out around the country and as you know the Australian taxpayer will save millions of dollars and years of construction, according to ...

RN Drive with Jonathan Green

  RN Drive with Jonathan Green Radio National 10 July 2017 6:05PM   E & OE GREEN: It is our biggest ever infrastructure project, it’s incredibly important; the National Broadband Network reaching a key milestone. Earlier today that rollout passed the halfway ...

Drive with Alicia Loxley

  Drive with Alicia Loxley 774 ABC Melbourne 10 July 2017 5:30PM   E & OE   LOXLEY: You might have heard the nbn is celebrating a bit of a milestone today.  We are being told that those charged with rolling it out have hit the half way mark.  So...

The Morning Shift with Tom Connell & Caroline Marcus

The Morning Shift with Tom Connell & Caroline Marcus Skynews 10 July 2017 10:36am   E & OEJOURNALIST: We’re going to move on because the National Broadband Network is finally at the halfway point of implantation, with the Government marking the job half-...

NBN Halfway Milestone Press Conference

  NBN Halfway Milestone Press Conference Cammeray, NSW 10 July 2017 10am   Senator Hon Mitch Fifield Minister for Communications   Senator Hon Fiona Nash Minister for Regional Communications   Mr Peter Ryan nbn Chief Network Engineer  ...

Sunday Agenda with Peter van Onselen & Paul Kelly

  Sunday Agenda with Peter van Onselen & Paul Kelly Skynews 9 July 2017 8:35am E & OE PVO Senator thanks very much for your company. We know what's going on with Channel 10 we’ll get to some of those specifics in a moment.  But in broad terms Senator, how hop...

ABC Drive with Raf Epstein - 14 June 2017 - Network Ten and media reform

RAF EPSTEIN: Couldn’t resist the highlights and lowlights of Channel Ten, they’ve gone into voluntary administration today, and the Government says they are a walking billboard advertising the virtues of the changes to media ownership laws that they would like the Senate to approve. Mitc...

Steve Price 2GB - 14 June 2017 - 7pm - Network Ten and media reform

E & OESubject: Network Ten and media reformSTEVE PRICE: As I said earlier in the program the future of Network 10 is in the balance tonight.  I actually was on air on Channel 10 this morning, I have agreed for a couple of weeks, or for at least two Wednesdays to sit in on Studio Ten for the...

Transcript - Ross Greenwood Money News

Ross Greenwood Money News Canberra 31 May 2017 6:34pm E & OE GREENWOOD Right now in Parliament House Canberra 25 media bosses are attending a summit.   Now this summit is a show of support to lobby the Senate to pass the Federal Government’s media law reforms. And t...

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