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Doorstop on Telstra announcement

Doorstop on Telstra announcement Mural Hall, APH 10:45 am 20 June 2018   E & OE   FIFIELD:        This is a difficult day for the staff of Telstra and our thoughts are very much with them. I’ve spoken to the CEO of Telstra, Andy...

Australian Ballet China Tour announcement

Australian Ballet China Tour announcement with executive director Libby Christie and artistic director David McAllister AM Parliament House 11:00 am 18 June 2018 E & OE FIFIELD:        Well, it’s great to be here with Libby Christie and...

Triple J Hack with Alice Matthews

Interview with Alice Matthews Triple J Hack 5.30pm 18 June 2018 E & OE     MATTHEWS: We’re joined by Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield, who’s on the line. Minister, thanks so much for joining us. FIFIELD: Good to be with you. MATTHEWS: Does the Governmen...

60th Federal Council, Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia 60th Federal Council Hilton, Sydney 10 am 16 June 2018       E & OE   FIFIELD: Mr President just some comments and observations.    It’s not the position of the Government to alter the ownership arran...

ABC QLD with Sheridan Stewart

Interiew with Sheridan Stewart ABC QLD Statewide 5.15pm 13 June 2018 E & OE STEWART:  We have Communications Minister Mitch Fifield on the phone with us. Good afternoon Minister. FIFIELD: Good afternoon Sheridan. STEWART: Did you have a chance to listen to w...

ABC Radio South East with Selina Green & Tony Pasin MP

Interview with Selina Green with Tony Pasin MPABC Radio South East BreakfastMount Gambier7:15 am8 June 2018E & OEGREEN: The Minister for Communications is in South Australia today to launch a study to look at how the NBN will grow business and jobs in our region. Minister Mitch Fifield is j...

ABC Radio Adelaide with David Bevan and Spence Denny

Interview with David Bevan and Spence Denny ABC Radio Adelaide 8.45 am 7 June 2018 E & OE BEVAN:  Federal Communications Minister Senator Mitch Fifield has just walked into our studio, with I think good news. You come to Adelaide, spruiking the NBN, saying that thousands of jobs, I think ...

FIVEaa Breakfast Adelaide with Will Goodings and David Penberthy

Interview with Will Goodings and David PenberthyFIVEaa Breakfast Adelaide 7.10 am 7 June 2018 E & OE GOODINGS: As is our next guest, the Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield, in town to launch some research regarding the impacts and benefits of the NBN for South Australia. Minister, good m...

Remarks at Indonesian Embassy

Remarks at Indonesian Embassy 3pm 30 May 2018 E & OE FIFIELD: Your Excellency, thank you so much for having me and my team here with you today. And thank you very much for your warm welcome and that of your team. Today does represent a significant occasion in the relationship betwe...

3AW with Neil Mitchell

Interview with Neil Mitchell 3AW 10.30am 25 May 2018 E & OE MITCHELL: I just want to check on the Telstra issue. There’s been three major outages in three weeks with a chaotic Friday back on May 4. And they told us lightning had struck a pit in New South Wales. Well it was 200km’s aw...

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