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Adjournment - Ampersand

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (9.50 p.m.)—This evening I would like to highlight the work of a small but enthusiastic group of students in Melbourne. This group of students from Melbourne and Monash universities have joined together to form Ampersand—a non-profit organisation aimed at encouraging unive...

Take Note of Answers - Sport: Drug Testing

Senator FIFIELD (3.27 p.m.)—That was an incredible tirade against the Minister for the Arts and Sport. It was an outrageous tirade about his administration of the sports portfolio. I have two words to say in response to that tirade: Ros Kelly. If we are talking about cover-up, about rorting, about m...

Take Note of Answers - Family Payments

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.34 p.m.)—Listening to Senator Collins and Senator Crossin, you could be forgiven for thinking that Labor when in government actually ran a generous and efficient social welfare system. Neither is true. We heard from Senator Patterson earlier today that Graham Richardson...

Take Note of Answers - Budget 2004/05

Senator FIFIELD (3.16 p.m.)—I would like to take up some of the points raised by Senator Forshaw and Senator Sherry. Firstly, in relation to the super co-contribution, I think we have got to come back to the facts. Let us remember that the government is going to be providing a boost to retirement sa...

First Speech

I am proud to represent the great state of Victoria in this place. Victorians are thoughtful, optimistic and a little playful. I love representing them, and I am proud to represent a party and a government led by a Prime Minister that understand good economic management is the only underpinning for ...

Tribute to Tim Burstall

Tribute to Tim Burstall ACMI Melbourne 30 April 2004 Betty, Tom, Dan and families. Tim’s colleagues and friends. Admirers and fans of Tim’s work. It is a great privilege to be with you to celebrate the life and achievement of Tim Burstall. As a six year old child living in the suburbs of Adelaide...

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