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Take Note of Answers - Inflation & Interest Rates

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.19 p.m.)—I really enjoy this sort of contribution from the Australian Labor Party. It is an interesting part of Labor’s efforts to convince the voting public that they have now joined the economic mainstream. Labor are desperately hoping that after 10 years of oppositio...

2nd Reading - Prohibition Of Human Cloning Bill 2006

SPEECH ON THE SECOND READING DEBATE: PROHIBITION OF HUMAN CLONING FOR REPRODUCTION AND THE REGULATION OF HUMAN EMBRYO RESEARCH AMENDMENT BILL 2006 I rise to contribute to the Second Reading debate on the Prohibition of Human Cloning for Reproduction and the Regulation of Human Embryo Research Amend...

The Australian Council of State School Organisations 2006 Conference

Speech to The Australian Council of State School Organisations 2006 Conference Rydges Hotel Carlton Thursday 26 October 2006 10.00am I’d like to acknowledge Jenny Branch, ACSSO President and Terry Aulich, former senator and ACSSO Director. Also Victorian Education Minister, Lynne Kosky, with wh...

Matters of Public Interest - Poverty

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.51 p.m.)—The authorship of this motion is worth noting. It is interesting that it is a collaborative effort of Labor, the Democrats and the Greens. This is interesting at a time when the ALP is endeavouring to convince the community that they have joined the economic ma...

2nd Reading - Crimes Amendment (Victim Impact Statements) Bill 2006

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (5.52 p.m.)—At the outset, I would like to acknowledge Senator Ludwig’s good and sound motives in proposing this legislation, the Crimes Amendment (Victim Impact Statements) Bill 2006. Senator Ludwig is one of the serious and substantial figures on the other side of this c...

Adjournment - Secondary Education

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (7.20 p.m.)—Labor have always held up year 12 retention rates as something to be proud of and as an indicator, in themselves, of the health of our school system. Last week, Labor ‘middle-bencher’ Craig Emerson advocated going further. He advocated that completion of second...

Adjournment - Music Education

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (7.25 p.m.)—I add my own best wishes as well. When Australians think of the basics of a good education, the first things they think of are literacy and numeracy—English and Maths. The next things they think of are history, geography, science, art and music. We are all well...

Matters of Public Interest - Mr Bruce Smith

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (12.45 p.m.)—The term ‘freedom fighter’ conjures up images of flag-waving revolutionaries marching through the streets, or perhaps brightly coloured and costumed superheroes, the stuff of comic books and cartoons. We almost certainly do not picture a well-groomed, neatly d...

Take Note of Answers - Telstra

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.06 p.m.)—This is a rather strange debate. I well recall moving around Australia 20 or 30 years ago; the constant refrain wherever you were in the suburbs or the towns in the days of the PMG and Telecom, and even in the days of Telstra, was: ‘If only private enterprise’—...

The Israel Has the Right to Live In Peace Rally

SPEECH TO “THE ISRAEL HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE IN PEACE RALLY” 1.00PM MONDAY, 17 JULY 2006 MELBOURNE GPO Today is a rally for democracy. Today is a rally for freedom. Today is a rally for the rule of law. We gather today to show our support for the State of Israel and its citizens. We are gathered...

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