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Matters of Public Importance - Poverty

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.00 p.m.)—I think something which is often missing from discussions about poverty is a recognition that good social policy and good economic policy are not mutually exclusive. That is something that Senator Lightfoot recognises. They are often presented as though they ar...

Take Note of Answers - Workplace Relations

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.12 p.m.)—This is really a debate about the culture of Australian workplaces today and into the future. Do we want an Australian workplace to be a place of conflict, where it is employer versus employee? Do we want it to be a place of confrontation? Do we want it to be a...

2nd Reading - Australian Technical Colleges (Flexibility in Achieving Australia’s Skills Needs) Bill

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (12.49 p.m.)—I also rise to speak on the Australian Technical Colleges (Flexibility in Achieving Australia’s Skills Needs) Bill 2005. This bill honours a commitment made by the coalition at the 2004 election to establish 24 Australian technical colleges operating as year 1...

Matters of Urgency - Taxation

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.29 p.m.)—Cutting tax is a topic very dear to my heart, to Senator Ronaldson’s heart, to Senator Colbeck’s heart and to Senator Egglestone’s heart—indeed, to the hearts of all coalition senators on this side of the chamber. Under the economic stewardship of the Treasurer...

Take Note of Answers - Voluntary Student Unionism

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.30 p.m.)—One of the principles that separate senators on this side of the chamber—be they Liberal or be they Nationals—and senators on the other side of the chamber is the principle of freedom of association. Senator Lundy—Don’t hide behind freedom of association! Sen...

2nd Reading - Skilling Australia's Workforce Bill 2005 & Related Bill

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (12.26 p.m.)—I rise to speak on the Skilling Australia’s Workforce Bill 2005 and the associated Skilling Australia’s Workforce (Repeal and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2005. These bills embody the government’s commitment to the national training sector. The government is ...

2nd Reading - Auslink (National Land Transport) Bill 2004 & Related Bill

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (6.39 p.m.)—It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to participate in the debate on the AusLink (National Land Transport) Bill 2004 and the AusLink (National Land Transport—Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2004. The AusLink (National Land Trans...

2nd Reading - Tax Laws Amendment (Personal Income Tax Reduction) Bill 2005

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (1.22 p.m.)—It gives me great pleasure to speak on the Tax Laws Amendment (Personal Income Tax Reduction) Bill 2005. This bill is all about what coalition governments love to do—to cut tax. On this side of the chamber we believe that the government should be as limited as ...

General Business - Economy

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (5.37 p.m.)—Senator Ludwig has moved today that the Senate note the deterioration in the Australian economy. This is obviously some strange use of the term ‘deterioration’ of which I was not previously aware. To listen to senators opposite, one could be forgiven for thinki...

2nd Reading - New International Tax Arrangements (Managed Funds & Other Measures) Bill 2004

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (10.13 a.m.)—The New International Tax Arrangements (Managed Funds and Other Measures) Bill 2004 is a further step in implementing the government’s package of international tax reforms designed to enhance the competitiveness of Australian managed funds, facilitate investme...

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