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Adjournment - Israel

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (7.02 p.m.)—I was interested to see an advertisement in the 16 August edition of the Melbourne Weekly Bayside. The advertisement attacked a number of parliamentarians. The advertisement is headed ‘Israeli Terror’ and it reads: Helen Shardey MP (Liberal, Caulfield) and fed...

Take Note of Answers - Interest Rates

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.20 p.m.)—What we are witnessing today is a very brave Australian Labor Party—so brave that they are prepared to talk about interest rates 18 months out from an election. Did we hear the Australian Labor Party talking about interest rates during the last election campaig...

2nd Reading - Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Repeal of Ministerial Responsibility for Approval of RU48

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (9.22 p.m.)—In many respects, the Therapeutic Goods Amendment (Repeal of Ministerial responsibility for approval of RU486) Bill 2005 has become a proxy battle for a debate for which the Australian public and few parliamentarians have an appetite—the rights or wrongs of abo...

2nd Reading - Higher Education Support Amendment (Abolition of Compulsory Up-Front Student Union Fee

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.30 p.m.)—The incorporated speech read as follows— On three occasions the Coalition has introduced legislation to end the practice of universities charging fees for compulsory membership of student unions, guilds and associations. It was defeated in 1999. It was defeate...

Take Note of Answers - Voluntary Student Unionism

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.07 p.m.)—On three occasions this parliament has had legislation introduced to give effect to freedom of choice and freedom of association, to end the practice whereby universities, student unions, student guilds or student associations can compel someone to join an orga...

Report Tabling - Inquiry into Commonwealth Advertising

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.24 p.m.)—I seek leave to incorporate my speech. Leave granted. The speech read as follows— I wish to first congratulate the committee staff on their tireless assistance and advice, namely Alastair Sands and Sarah Bachelard, and committee deputy chair Senator Watson. ...

Launch of Parliamentarians for an Australian Head of State

Speech to the launch of Parliamentarians for an Australian Head of State 11:00am Thursday 1 December 2005 House of Representatives Alcove Parliament House Welcome to the launch of Parliamentarians for an Australian Head of State. I'd firstly like to acknowledge Professor John Warhurst, the outgo...

2nd Reading - Workplace Relations Amendment (Workchoices) Bill 2005

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (9.12 p.m.)—At the last election, the people of Australia put their trust in this side of the house. When they did so, they had a pretty fair idea that we would lower tax, that we would try to liberalise Australia’s labour market and that we would privatise Telstra. Senat...

Take Note of Answers - Workplace Relations

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (3.19 p.m.)—Senator Ludwig’s opening bat was that the current industrial relations system has stood the test of time and that because it is there it should be treated as a given. On that basis we would not have moved away from CB radios or LPs or horses. Just because somet...

Matters of Public Importance - Poverty

Senator FIFIELD (Victoria) (4.00 p.m.)—I think something which is often missing from discussions about poverty is a recognition that good social policy and good economic policy are not mutually exclusive. That is something that Senator Lightfoot recognises. They are often presented as though they ar...

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